How you can explore Pattaya’s marine life…

Although Pattaya has gained its reputation worldwide from the nightlife and parties, this beach destination still offers many family friendly things to do if you’re travelling for a mellower seaside getaway. Among many activities Pattaya offers is exploring the local marine life either in the sea or on land.

For families with young children who prefer to stay in the comfort zone, around a 10 minutes’ drive from our Citrus Parc Hotel Pattaya is the Underwater World Pattaya aquarium that offers a large variety of exotic marine life all in one space.

Marine life in the Underwater World Pattaya

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The advantage of going to an aquarium as opposed to going scuba diving or snorkelling is the safe exposure you get to all types of underwater creatures ranging from innocent coral reefs, exotic fish and jelly fish to big sea predators such as stingrays and sharks. They even have a touch pool where you can interact with the smaller marine life all in the security of the aquarium!

Underwater World Pattaya

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The Underwater World Pattaya is open from 9 am – 6 pm with different feeding times according to each section. The prices are relatively low for the experience you get in viewing such a vast selection from real underwater world at just THB 500 for adults and THB 300 for children below 130 cm. If you wish to double check on the facts before going, we recommend that you call them directly at +6638756879 for any questions you might have.

Another way of exploring the underwater world is through snorkelling or scuba diving. Although you wouldn’t be exposed to as much as you are in an aquarium, you get first-hand experience by soaking in the cool waters while exploring beautiful coral reefs and colourful fish.


Also around a 10 minutes’ drive from our hotel is the Seafari Diving Centre that offers snorkelling, skin diving and scuba diving packages for the more adventurous travellers. If you’re coming in a big group, they can even arrange private boat trips where you can have a memorable day out with your friends and family.


Another fun fact is that you get to explore different islands around Pattaya such as Koh Larn where you can spend a day getting to know the more tranquil areas that contrast to mainland Pattaya’s bustling beach city life. If you want to learn more about their packages, you can easily call them directly at +6638429060.

Here are just two out of many places where you can enjoy your beach getaway in Pattaya if you’re not here for the late night partying. For more travel tips, updates on attractions around Thailand and special hotel promotions, feel free to follow us at Compass Hospitality!


Introducing the Citrus Parc Hotel, Pattaya

A brand new 4-star hotel in South Pattaya, Citrus Parc Hotel offers a relaxing abode for your holiday to this famous beach town. Located in Thap Phraya Road Soi 2, the hotel gives you the tranquility you need to unwind after an adventurous day – or evening – exploring Pattaya city but being close enough to major attractions.
Citrus Parc Hotel Pattaya Exterior
Due to the fact that Pattaya is most well-known for its nightlife, many family-friendly venues are over-looked. This blog shall therefore aim to advise you on the many fun things you can do and essentially tell you why Pattaya is really worth a visit – be it with friends or with family. Before diving into the first attraction we recommend, let’s have a little overview of what the Citrus Parc Hotel, Pattaya has to offer and why this hotel should be your preferred choice when choosing a place to stay.

1) As mentioned earlier, it is a brand new hotel with rooms in brand new condition, offering up to 5 different room types with an example of the Citrus Suite shown below:
Citrus Parc Hotel Citrus Suite Room  

2) You won’t go hungry at the hotel with both a Palate Restaurant that serves a buffet breakfast and a la carte international dishes and a Liquid Bar that gives you a 3-level multi-concept experience with the main bar and BBQ grill, poolside bar and rooftop lounge available.

Citrus Parc Hotel Palate Restaurant and Liquid Pool Bar

3) The hotel services provided by friendly staff with warm and traditional Thai hospitality alongside convenient facilities such as a beautiful swimming pool for you to cool off and unwind in.
Citrus Parc Hotel Pattaya Swimming Pool
But of course, other than the cushy comforts we provide, our hotel is conveniently based near the Pattaya beach and a variety of tourist attractions such as the upcoming Cartoon Network Amazone.
cartoon network amazone
Opening at the end of this month (31st July, 2014), the Cartoon Network Amazone is a great family-friendly water park you can take your kids to. What makes this unique to other water parks out there is the fact that it’s based on the popular children’s channel – Cartoon Network – which gives your kids the opportunity to experience what they have seen on the television screen!

Not to mention the fact that it will be huge with separate entertainment zones; be it the Omniverse with water roller coasters, the Adventure Zone with water slides, the Cartoonival with water fountains, the Riptide Rapids with a tude through the jungle, the Mega Wave with a gigantic wave pool or the Surfarena where you can safely surf some waves! Your kids can literally spend the whole day speeding on water roller coasters and a variety of other rides that will guarantee a day of fun and adventure for them.

Not only does the Cartoon Network Amazone offer so many water rides, but also an entertainment zone with live shows, meet and greets, shops and a FoodVille serving an international menu of Japanese teppanyaki, Korean barbecue, Indian curries, American burgers, Italian pizzas and bakery desserts to ensure that you and your kids won’t go hungry.

As the Cartoon Network Amazone officially opens at the end of this month, there is still much to see and much to learn about this brand new attraction. So stay tuned for our updates or you can even get a ticket to see it for yourself and share your experiences with us! To keep yourself posted, feel free to follow up on Citrus Parc Hotel, Pattaya and Compass Hospitality!